My planet island Jelly Cove is so beautiful in the spring. Yes I know it’s not real but the world is going in a direction that is making me hardcore wish I could hop into a dodo-operated plane and fly to my little island, so for these purposes it’s real enough. I am actually looking forward to summer, because I understand that’s shark-catching season. It’ll be great. In the meantime, there are several trees right outside my windows, so every time I turn my head I can pretend I really am living the island spring life. It’s going to be a warm couple of weeks if my weather app has anything to say about it, but so far I’ve been able to keep my AC off and my windows open because my apartment is north-facing. I love open windows; they add to the general I-wish-I-lived-in-Animal-Crossing vibe.

Anyway. The biggest news since my last official update is that, as of March 5, I am completely debt-free!!! Now if only I could pay off my debts irl as efficiently as I paid off Tom Nook. After missing out on a lot of chances, I finally went to my first giveaway island and picked up a cool 1.25 million in bells, but mainly went for the cherries and pears, which are now flourishing all over my island. I have also replaced Keaton, Mac, Marlo, Bubbles, Tex, and Derwin with much more satisfactory villagers (still working on Paolo), I caught a vampire squid, and I finished my fossil collection after weeks of rage and frustration. I cannot believe how long it took me to find the back end of that stupid ichthyosaurus.

The most exciting news is that I finally found out what the capture button does, and I’ve been having a good time taking OOTD screenshots. I want to start doing little video captures as well.

In home-related news, I have been hard at work getting my house and my vegetable patch organized. When I first started collecting crop plants, I threw them into the empty yard in front of my house and didn’t even try to organize them, so I had uneven amounts of each plant randomly scattered across my lawn. Well, you can only do that so long before you get sick of running through the vegetable patch to get home, so I relocated a bunch of trees, moved the vegetable patch across the river from my house, and finally figured out how fences work. Tom Nook gave me 50 fence pieces a while back, so I had plenty of material to work with. I also evened out the number I had of each plant and added a deer scare in the middle of the vegetable patch, and then when all that was done I still had enough fencing left over to make a nice little flowerbed right outside my house. I’m still figuring out how exactly I want my trees to be arranged, but I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

As a quick aside: lord, I wish playing ACNH counted as cardio, because I’d have a six-pack from digging up all those trees and hammering in all those fences. Like I’m sorry we keep coming back to this but ACNH represents everything I want but will never have, including a fully paid dream house that magically never suffers from pests, a self-sustaining vegetable patch, easy income and motivation to exercise all day, a private beach right next to my house, my own personal 24/7 museum, and the ability to stow furniture in my pockets when I’m rearranging my house on a whim. I would happily work in my fields all day if they looked like this.

The inside of the house has changed a lot as well, so it’s long past time for an updated tour. 😀

Living Room

I’m always changing things in here, but for now it’s pretty set.

LAST-MINUTE UPDATE lol no it’s not I just got a piano

Home Office

I have two bookcases!!! The one I stole from Merengue is still in my bedroom, and I made a second one for my office. Totally not me projecting all my dreams into a fake house that I’ll never set foot in irl. Also it is surprisingly irritating to procure enough books in ACNH, but I found out through sheer chance that I can search the Nook online store for things it has sold in the past, even if they’re not offered in the daily catalogue. Thus I was able to order five books with no shame, and now I have two bookcases. The mini fridge, in my loving imagination, is stocked with bottled juices. Probably mostly lemonade, with maybe a few bottles of homemade apple juice.


Not entirely satisfied with this one. I’m calling it a work in progress.


Not satisfied with this one either, I haven’t been able to find a goddamn toilet in the store and then just the other day Hornsby gave me a squat toilet which is horrifying and promptly got sold to the baby raccoons.

Bedroom Suite

This is my dream set-up, both in the game and real life, so I don’t expect it to change too much. In winter I’ll swap out that coffee table for my kotatsu, but that’s pretty much it. And for the record, I am still holding out hope that someday I will be in a house where my office doesn’t take up half of my bedroom, and I truly will be able to build myself a private suite, also known as my writer cave.

Guest Room + Workshop

Pretty happy with this one. I don’t expect this to change too much either.

Rude Ass Villagers

Wendy and Bangle asked me for new catchphrases. I regret everything.

I’d forgotten I taught Wendy a new catchphrase and then she surprised me with it. So many regrets.

Of course if there’s one thing we’ve established it’s that I don’t learn a damn thing, because then Bangle asked me for a new greeting and goddammit

I hate myself. :’D

Evicting Paolo

Dude I have been trying to ignore Paolo off my island (manifest what you want, right?) and HE JUST WON’T GO. And then I found out I could check my friendship level with him so I did that and OMFG THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR GET OUT GET OUT GET OOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT

ACNH in the Real World

ACNH obsession level: finding out about the existence of this lamp from my ACNH Facebook group and immediately running to the Target website to buy it. It was the best purchase I’ve ever made, I regret absolutely nothing.

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