Welcome to Jelly Cove. I have a glow-in-the-dark Statue of Liberty now, and I put her on the very tip of my island as a beacon for passing ships. If you think I am even remotely joking, you really don’t know me at all.

Also, money islands. I love this game. 😀

I was going to bundle my ACNH news into my 2022 reading round-up, but, as happened last time, the screenshots proliferated beyond a containable level, and now here I am on a Wednesday handing you a completely random island update. You’re welcome, internet. A lot has happened since my last update: I’ve finished the main storyline, upgraded my house most of the way, started using Google’s Excel knock-off to track Stalk Market prices, and unlocked all kinds of goodies, and I am trying to evict both of my jock villagers. I am now at the level of crazy at which people start to send their villagers hate mail.

Yeah okay that looks bad but this asshole sent me a fake painting and I couldn’t even regift it to him, and long story short he’s not allowed to live on my island anymore. The other problem is that he’s a smug, and I am officially That Representative who will kick villagers out when they don’t match the planned aesthetic of the island. Bye-bye, jocks and smugs. I’m not gonna miss any of you.

In house-related news, I am thisclose to paying off my second floor and going into crippling debt again for the sake of adding a basement, and if my Stalk Market could kindly quit tanking, I would really fucking appreciate it. I bought 500 turnips at 108 bells a pop on Sunday and as of this writing they are selling for 34 bells, and I am not even slightly amused.

Living Room

Guest Room




It’s not finished, but it’s shaping up nicely, and I am particularly pleased with the bookcase I commandeered from Merengue. 100% would’ve tried to steal it if she hadn’t offered to sell it to me. And on that note, I am off to find out if I can sell my villagers’ yard furniture without their permission, and if that will make them want to leave.

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