I’ve put off this post so many times it’s not even funny anymore. TL;DR: I was bored and sad over Thanksgiving weekend, so I restarted my first island even though I swore up and down when I started Mossflower that I was never going to restart my first island. As has been previously established, I’m a goddamn mess. I’m also in full-fledged vacation brain mode, which is why this post is both late and disorganized. Tomorrow is the first day of my week-long winter vacation – also the first time I’ve taken off for the holidays in several years – and the first thing I’m doing is drugging the cat and dragging her off to the vet. She’ll be so grateful. This can only be excellent for our relationship.

Anyway, the new island is named Jelly Cove, just like the one that got itself deleted, because I happen to be short on ideas and attached to my jellyfish. I restarted November 26, and as of this writing I have a two-room house (with, of course, a kitty bed and a tower for Circe), which I have 100% padded with pilfered furniture taken from my neighbors’ yards. I mean, I made that table and bench. As far as I’m concerned, they were always mine.

As far as those neighbors go: I’ve got a couple of monkeys and a jock who has to go, or so I thought until my first campsite villager showed up and omfg you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me is my life a joke to this game

Top priority for 2024: getting Klaus the fuck off my island. In less rage-inducing news, I caught my first oarfish the other day and made friends with Sable. I’m in the process of moving in three more neighbors, and I hope to every god there is that they’re more acceptable than Klaus. That’s not a particularly high bar, but if I get Beardo again I’m gonna fucking riot.

The good thing about having two islands is that Mossflower got used as a dumping ground for things I didn’t want to lose, chiefly a lot of extra tools, some clothes, some nice rugs, and my entire stock of NMTs. Those NMTs have already been put to good use villager-hunting.

And the final picture of Cnidaria and Nona, before Cnidaria was reinvented. :<

Even though this is something I wanted, it’s still slightly poignant. Cnidaria 1.0 was my first ACNH character. The trouble was, though, that I was bored with the original Jelly Cove, and I had boxed myself in with its defining requirements: that my house could not move, and no villagers would be given direct access to my part of the island. I could theoretically have flattened and reterraformed the island, but I also like having the critter guides to fill in and it was slightly sad that Jelly Cove’s guides were pretty much done, so in the end I restarted. Clean slate and all. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this new island precisely, unlike my very specific vision for Mossflower, but I’m going to go with the flow and see where it takes me.

After, of course, I get rid of Klaus.

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