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This post was the brainchild of Lori from Food for Thought, who suggested that we do the Reacting to Assumptions tag floating around BookTube. I’m always up for a good tag, so here’s her assumptions about me!

P.S. Lori’s assumptions post is here. While you’re at it, visit the rest of her blog if you’re tired of listening to me natter on about books and nonsense. Not only does she have a lot of awesome reading suggestions, she also discusses food, coffee, and gaming!

1. You have a very specific coffee mug you use for your morning caffeine. You will wash that one specifically, even though there are clean ones in the cupboard.

Very true! I have a pair of minion mugs, which I kept in one of my work cabinets while I was still going into the office. They were my very favorite mocha mugs, though lately they’ve been sitting around in quarantine with me.

2. You prefer Marvel to DC, but you don’t consider yourself a huge superhero fan.

I have no idea how you came to this conclusion but you are so right holy crap this is seriously amazing. I’ve never really gotten into the superhero genre, but I do love the Marvel movies I’ve seen. (I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about Captain Marvel???) I’ve only seen one DC movie that I can recall (Wonder Woman), and have zero interest in the others.

3. You are a gamer, but strictly play Nintendo games.

I wouldn’t consider myself a dedicated gamer, but every now and then I get bit by the gaming bug and drop everything so I can play Pokémon for about three weeks straight. I mostly play Super Mario, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! on my Nintendo gear. I also have a neglected PS3 named Eustace, on whom I play Dante’s Inferno, Plants vs. Zombies, and Critter Crunch.

4. Not only can you produce a violin vibrato, but it is *chef’s kiss.* Don’t be modest here, or I WILL come fight you.

I wish I could!!! I only started the violin three years ago, and have had exceptional difficulty learning vibrato because it’s really hard to relax my arm. However, the new shoulder cradle I bought makes it easier to relax, so I’m hopeful!

5. You own at least 3 pairs of combat boots and will wear them regardless of the season, because you know how to own the hardass aesthetic.

I DO LOVE BOOTS. ❤️ I currently have a pair of Doc Martens (not sure if they’re real or knock-offs) and need to buy more. I have one other pair of boots that I like to wear, but they’re not combat.

6. Your favorite mythical creature is a Griffin.

Nope, dragons are my ride-or-dies.

7. You are extremely organized with your schedule, and mark all of your work obligations and personal projects in your planner meticulously. You likely know what blog posts you will be writing weeks in advance.

Almost right – I use my planners to keep obsessive track of my work projects and reading accomplishments, but I actually don’t plan my blog particularly well! (I do have a list of future posts, but those are all the monthly reading summaries. Otherwise I generally post on the spur of the moment.)

8. You are at least bilingual.

I’m not, but I wish I were! Unfortunately neither of my parents is bilingual, though they still tried to teach me and my brothers Japanese. (Guess how that worked out?) We use Japanese words in everyday conversation and are capable of hailing the lunar new year in Cantonese, but none of us is fluent in either language. To compensate, I’ve been developing my own languages for use in my novels.

9. You keep your desk/workplace pristine.

I bring shame on my ancestors.

10. You’re a proud Virgo, but you don’t really believe too deeply in astrology.

Good guess – I’m actually a proud Aquarius! I don’t buy into astrology, but I find that the Aquarius description does generally suit me.

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