Happy belated Halloween! I finally remembered to grab my witchy hat from my parents’ house. (It happened to be tangled up in the ribbons from my Williamsburg hat, so that ended up coming home with me too.)

Also caught up with the Queen of No Fur, who was, as usual, freezing her buns off.

It has been a surprisingly agreeable autumn, at least as far as the weather goes. The next couple of weeks are going to be in the 40s-60s, and I could not be happier with the colder temperatures. I did have my AC on for a couple of days last week going into the weekend, but that was just a fluke. As an extra bonus, I’m pretty sure I haven’t bought any books since my last spree, which is shockingly restrained for me. (Of course, having said that, I’m planning to march to the nearest BN to pick up the Legends & Lattes prequel as soon as it drops.) As an extra extra bonus, it is officially chicken and wild rice soup season at my local small market. They offer prepared food by the season, and that’s cool, but sometimes I just wanna eat this soup year-round, ya know? I have got to learn how to make this at home. I tried once and it was not nearly as good.

October Reading Stats

Books Finished:

  1. Doomwyte – Brian Jacques
  2. Black Butler 32 – Yana Toboso
  3. The Sable Quean – Brian Jacques
  4. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – Suzanne Collins
  5. The Rogue Crew – Brian Jacques
  6. House of Hunger – Alexis Henderson
  7. Legends & Lattes – Travis Baldree
  8. Shady Hollow – Juneau Black

Total Pages Read: 2,612

This month was bittersweet, in that it marked the end of my Redwall reread. This is so surreal that I felt the need to document the final book.

I can’t believe I actually managed to read all 22 Redwall books in less than a year, without once getting sick of the series as a whole. I honestly could have kept going, and, though it was challenging figuring out how to review them at times, it kept me in a handy blogging routine that I won’t be able to replicate now that all of the reviews are written. Still, I’m glad I don’t have to write any more of them, lol. It got kinda old after a while.

In other news, Legends & Lattes is my new favorite fall read, and Shady Hollow might be a close second. There were things I didn’t love about Shady Hollow, particularly the writing, but I will be pursuing this series. It gives all the cozy vibes, and I really really really want a moose-run coffee shop in my town. I would be a daily customer. Also, if there are no more Legends & Lattes books after Bookshops & Bonedust, I will cry.

Currently Reading

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Susanna Clarke
Trying again with this book, which I DNF’d around this time last year. At this point my main impression is that Norrell disbanded the York Magicians so they’d stop sending him letters, but, like, I get it.

Thursday lulz

I’m stressed as shit, so here’s a funny sign.