Well, hello. If you followed me here from WyrdGurls and you’re wondering why in hellfire I suddenly packed up my books and left, here’s a brief timeline.

April 7, 2020
“I will never ever ever set up a bookgram.”

April 8, 2020
“Okay, I set up a bookgram, but I won’t start a dedicated book blog because that’s too much work.”

August 20, 2020
“I wonder if bookycnidaria.com is already taken?”

August 21, 2020
“Hooray I have a dedicated book blog #fail”

So, yeah, times change. For those not in the know, WyrdGurls is a blog I cofounded with two friends and the first blog I’ve ever run that didn’t sink into the swamp. It was originally conceived as a slice-of-life kind of deal, but over time I started writing almost exclusively about books. When I first started my bookgram, it was with the intention of keeping all my posts on WyrdGurls because I’m (1) cheap and (2) lazy. Quarantine has a way of amplifying ambition, though, and about a week ago I started wondering if I could get a domain name to match my bookgram name because #BRANDING and then the next day I found out that I could and then I set up this website and now I have a dedicated book blog oh god. All my WyrdGurls book posts have been migrated to this blog, which is why even though the blog is only nine days old I have posts dating back to 2019, so I guess we’re really doing this. (Side note: I may be cheap and lazy, but my OCD is second to none and I’ve spent the better part of the last four months feeling weird that I was calling myself bookycnidaria on Instagram but directing people to a book blog named WyrdGurls. Yes, you can judge me.)

Anyway, if you’re new here: Hi! My name is Carolyn, and I am an insatiable bookdragon. I talk about books a lot but people tend to get bored if I do that too much in real life, which is why I needed a blog. I can be found on Instagram and goodreads, where I’ll probably talk your eyes off. I just finished The Name of the Rose (Umberto Eco), and I’m currently working on Opium and Absinthe (Lydia Kang), which is about a Victorian bookworm/laudanum addict whose sister may or may not have been murdered by a vampire. It’s great. I’m also on the verge of starting Mockingjay (Suzanne Collins) and The Map of the Sky (Félix J. Palma), because I don’t know what a bad idea is anymore. My complete 2020 TBR is here; my rating scale is explained here.

If you’re still here, thank you for reading, and welcome to the madness. It’ll be fun.

P.S. Also I am absolutely never doing another blog move because holy shit that was a lot of work I was right in April but I still did it anyway and now I am deceased